Peony Perfection

Peony Perfection

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Celebrate the boundless love of mothers with our enchanting “Peony Perfection”. Bursting with vibrant pastel hues and delicate fragrance, this arrangement is a heartfelt tribute to the nurturing spirit of motherhood.

As the peonies unfurl their velvety petals, they unveil a kaleidoscope of emotions — from joyous memories to heartfelt appreciation. Whether presented as a gift or displayed as a centerpiece, “Peony Perfection” is a poetic expression of the profound bond between mother and child. Capture the essence of maternal love with this exquisite peony arrangement, and honor the remarkable women who fill our lives with love, warmth, and endless inspiration.


Approx. L30cm x H40cm 


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Care Instruction 

Mix fresh water with the flower food sachet and pour into a clean vase. Trim the stems 5cm from the end and place into the vase, ensuring all stems are fully submerged. All arrangements should be kept out of direct sunlight and at temperatures between 10°c and 15°c to preserve the life of the flowers. It is advisable to change the water every two days, mixing in a new flower food sachet every time.


The image shown here represents a luxury arrangement size. If a flower or foliage pictured here is unavailable for any reason, please take note that we will substitute this for one of the same or higher monetary value and in a similar style and colour. Please note as with all-natural products there may be slight variations in colour. If you have specific requirements for your bouquet, please call us at +65 6538 7227 and let us know.