Fiore Dorato Flower School stems directly from the celebrated Fiore Dorato Floral Studio, based in Singapore. Its founder, Brenda Lee, has been creating enchanting, award-winning floral landscapes and interactive floral experiences around the world, from London to Los Angeles, since 1996. For more than a decade, she has been quietly mentoring her team and generously sharing her knowledge with floral enthusiasts on an informal basis.

In response to overwhelming demand, the Fiore Dorato Flower School was officially inaugurated in 2019. It is founded on the single-minded and heartfelt desire to share and spread the love of flowers.

Those acquainted with floristry will attest to its myriad benefits. The art of floral creation is intensely absorbing, richly rewarding and deeply therapeutic, such is the level of concentration it demands. The floral creation itself is a source of satisfaction and pride for the creator, and pleasure and joy for the beholder.

Artfully arranged flowers can alter the mood of an individual and infuse a crowded room with happiness. A striking floral creation can inspire thoughtful contemplation, launch an escapist flight of fancy, even forge a connection between two people who may fall in love with flowers and eventually each other. Of course, no wedding is complete without flowers, the choice of which is almost always based on nostalgia.

Such is the power of flowers. Learn how to unlock it at Fiore Dorato Flower School.



A love and appreciation of beauty is inherent in every human being. Life is infinitely richer when efforts are made to beautify our world with flowers, nature’s original medium and material. All the poetry, inventiveness and creativity of mankind can be expressed through the medium of flowers.


We are motivated by a vision to share and spread the love of flowers by training and mentoring new florists. We aim to share the irreplaceable benefits of over two decades of success with our students, and unlock the creativity that lies within each of them. Creativity is nothing without discipline.


We are on a mission to cultivate the amateur and professional practice of floristry in Singapore and beyond. We aim to exalt the love and appreciation of flowers into more than a show of colour in a garden or a decorative accessory in a room and elevate floristry to its rightful status as a legitimate art form.