Every life has its stories to tell. Be it a time for celebration or a time for solemnity, each occasion leaves an imprint on our hearts – an impression that remains indefinitely.

Throughout history, fresh flowers have been the natural choice for marking life’s significant milestones. At Fiore Dorato, we regard flowers as much more than just symbolic decorations. We consider them an integral part of the concept, decor and visual and emotional impact of any celebration.

Our novel ideas aim to enthral, delight and surprise our clients and their guests. It doesn’t matter whether your event is modest or lavish, intimate or grand, the right selection and arrangement of flowers can impress, uplift and inspire all in attendance.

Your choice of floral arrangements can not only transform a venue, but should reflect your taste and personality. Whether you choose vivid colours or romantic pastels, your personal style should shine through to make the occasion unique, special and truly yours.

Fiore Dorato is honoured to have helped design and create the visual impact of the following events through flowers. The months of intricate planning and challenges involved in consolidating and installing the various elements admittedly came with their heart-stopping moments. However, the end results made the toil and trials worthwhile – and the joy and smiles unforgettable.

We are proud, and feel deeply privileged, to help create indelible impressions with flowers.

Never Last.