Brenda Lee | Founder

"Ambrosia, Freesia, Orchid, Zinnia...? I have to admit upfront - I was never a flower power child yet today my passion for flowers has become an inseparable part of my life. 

My early romance for all things beautiful meant that I valued expression in creative forms. As a fashion design graduate from LaSalle College of the Arts, I thoroughly enjoyed juxtaposing colours, textures and materials. 

Scents & Sensibilities 

I soon found that floral design allowed me the same visual gratification I received as a fashion designer...if not more. Soon, what had begun as a hobby was carving me a career path. 

Inspired by European floral designers, I headed to Holland to learn from the best. I traveled to places where I could experience floral artistry in action, such as Paris, Belgium, Sans Francisco, New York, St. Louis, St. Diego and Hong Kong. 

In 2000, I got my Master's in Floral Designing, and in 2001, I became a member if AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers). 

Flowers Transcend Boundaries 

I knew in my heart my home country of Singapore was a place ripe for floral artistry to bloom. In 1996, my dream took shape - my floral boutique "Fiore Dorato" opened its doors. 

In these past 23 years, I had the privilege of personally creating lavish floral designs for my wonderful clients and their special events. This includes an event with a prestigious list of 2000 guest and dignitaries in the grandest of the ballroom. 

To me, flowers are essential when creating an atmosphere masterpiece. I aspire to change the traditional mindsets many have - that flowers are only additional accessories - to that where people embrace flowers for their complete beauty and potential. 

Recently, Fiore Dorato has expedited international projects from Indonesia, Shanghai, and Chennai to Amsterdam, London, and the USA. 

We have been privileged to showcase our floral design expertise across the globe in outstanding events that inspire, thrill and captive many. Poised to do the same in the United States has garnered First Place in the Northwest Floral & Garden Show Competition, we like to express that our company believes in presenting Floral Design at its very best for our discerning clients, anywhere in the world. Watch out for our updates on new international projects. 

I hope you'll enjoy these pages as much as my team and I have had in making these events a reality. Flowers may not last forever but the impression it leaves lingers on...